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The Greater Metro Jr. A Hockey League

Rules Committee:  The role of the rules committee is to improve the GMHL Rule Book.  To evaluate current rules, introduce new rules, re-write rules for the purpose of rule definitions / interpretations, rule language, and develop a tailored set of rule suggestions annually for the President, Commissioner, and owners for the following seasons.
Referee Committee:  The role of the Referee Committee is to provide leadership to officiating staff.  This is accomplished through regular season supervising, ongoing mentorship, ongoing training and development and discipline.






Mission Statement
Our success prevails from a shared loyalty & respect for each other and the desire to improve ourselves both on and off the ice.  To be of good character, professional and wise in ways only the best learners can achieve.
Dedicated to the game we love, we endeavor to produce the finest performance through constant training & development.
Primary focus for 2017:      Athlete Safety