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 January 17th, 2019 at 11:59AM  January 18th, 2019 10:33PM

The 13th Annual GMHL All-Star Game took place in Ville-Marie on Tuesday, January 15th, 2019. The fantastic event hosted by the Pirates will have a full summary realeased soon.

Below is each game statistics:

Final: North 8 - South 2
1st Period
North - Joakim Braneby (Alex Provost Ross, Hugo Blum)
2nd Period
South - Antoine Michaud (Luis Mendoza, Mikael Frolov)
North - Will Muchaud (David Tempelmans, Colin Boudreau)
North - Hugo Blum (Joakim Braneby, Alex Provost-Ross)
North - Brayden Morris (Zach Thorsen)
3rd Period
North - Brayden Morris (Zach Thorsen, Zach White)
North - David Tempelmans (Tanner Webkamigad, Will Michaud)
South - Christian D'Amico (Liam Hurley)
North - Zach Thorsen (Anton Trublin)
North - Brayden Morris (Anton Trublin, Zach Thorsen)

Final: North 10 - South 5
1st Period

South - Cam Mussat (Ryan Dreossi)
2nd Period
North - Nicolas Bellerose (Sam Begin, Alex Montreal)
North - Sam Begin (Nicolas Bellerose, Zakk Bekolay)
North - Reignhold Shtemke (David Kovar, Eli Kinsmen)
North - Marcus Rabbitskin (Ralfs Circenis, Melwin Thorsson)
North - Melwin Thorsson (Ralfs Circenis, Marcus Rabbitskin)
North - Reignhold Shtemke (Zakk Bekolay, David Kovar)
3rd Period
South - Dmitri Selyutin (Anthony Mota, Vincent Blanchette)
North - Nathan Sanderson
South - Zach Dillen 
North - Nicolas Bellerose (Sam Begin)
South - Liam Buckley (Anthony Mota)
North - Terrance McLean (Nathan Sanderson)
South - Vincent Blanchette (Dmitri Selyutin)
North - Nicolas Bellerose

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