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The Greater Metro Jr. A Hockey League

GMHL Graduating Players of 2022-2023

On to the next chapter

 May 4th, 2023 at 10:19AM  October 9th, 2023 2:45PM

The GMHL would like to extend their congratulations and wish the best of luck to their graduating overage players. Thank you for everything you have provided this league and we hope that wherever you go, the memories of your time in the GMHL stay with you forever.


Below, you can find a list of the players that are moving on from their junior “A” hockey in the GMHL:


Bancroft Rockhounds:

Jonathan Horne: 29GP 7W 4.925GAA 0.883SP

Charles Beaupre: 69GP 17G 34A 51P

Griff Eden-Parish: 50GP 6G 10A 16P

Kylan Tavares: 16GP 11G 7A 18P


Bradford Bulls:

Josh Booker: 66GP 12G 52A 64P

Esa Patton: 39GP 14G 42A 56P

Brad Arnott: 40GP 9G 29A 38P

Ryan Howe: 12GP 6G 17A 23P

Ryan Hunter: 41GP 51G 65A 116P

Andrew Reynolds: 25GP 18G 12A 30P


Bradford Rattlers:

Dylan DiTomaso: 14GP 1G 1A 2P

Danila Filippov: 15GP 6G 11A 17P

Jesper Eriksson: 64GP 59G 73A 132P

Swen Meusy: 49GP 30G 40A 70P

Georgi Trofimov: 18GP 18G 21A 39P


Burns Lake Timbermen:

Paul Jarvis: 2GP 2W 4.00GAA 0.904SP

Kael Lamouche: 20GP 1G 10A 11P

Jonas Smith: 74GP 9G 29A 38P

Tanner Zdunich: 2GP


Durham Roadrunners:

Cameron Carvalho: 1GP 1W 3.83GAA 0.893SP

Josh Robinson: 12GP 1G 11A 12P

Kevin Rosvall: 34GP 2G 11A 13P


Edson Eagles:

Tyson Mitchell: 111GP 29G 120A 149P

Chase Desnomie: 74GP 14G 21A 35P

Alex Kronewitt: 68GP 53G 70A 123P

Trevor Peeace: 35GP 20G 27A 47P

Bryson Wilkinson: 28GP 40G 32A 72P


Fox Creek Ice Kings:

Darian Alook: 108GP 47G 93A 140P

Tarynce Ducharme: 58GP 3G 19A 22P

Dominic Beaver: 89GP 87G 91A 178P

Kyler Hamelin: 47GP 50G 52A 102P

Luke Hunter: 8GP 0G 3A 3P


High Prairie Red Wings:

Keegan Ferguson: 34GP 44G 61A 105P

Ethan Many Bears: 43GP 38G 52A 90P

Gabriel Blais: 36GP 8G 25A 33P

Jaegar Lapointe: 6GP 5G 9A 14P

Maven McMaster: 51GP 39G 38A 77P

Benny Yellowknee: 61GP 54G 68A 122P

Bradley Roncin: 61GP 41W 3.60GAA 0.903SP


Kitimat Saax:

Rylan Schuberg: 52GP 5G 23A 28P

Jonas Smith: 74GP 9G 29A 38P

Jaxon Krupa: 16GP 36G 28A 64P


Mackenzie Mountaineers:

Rychel Lamber: 9GP 12G 17A 29P

Troy Mcdougall: 15GP 4G 2A 6P

Hunter Rancourt: 64GP 7G 17A 24P


Meaford Knights:

Caedmon Bellmann: 11GP 3W 4.02GAA 0.898SP

Cory Richardson: 61GP 20W 4.45GAA 0.900SP

Declan Flanagan: 77GP 25G 59A 84P

Ethan Biggs: 34GP 4G 1A 5P

Noah Calvert-Goetz: 39GP 1G 10A 11P


Niagara Predators:

Ryan Santini 19GP 6W 4.05GAA 0.906SP

Askar Aimanbetov: 36GP 5G 37A 42P

Alexander Andrews: 134GP 42G 110A 152P

Ethan Boyd: 85GP 7G 20A 27P

Anthony Tropea: 40GP 27G 21A 48P


North York Renegades:

Darius Mani: 7GP 0G 10A 10P

Gianlui Amato: 40GP 10G 12A 22P

Ryan Fritz: 38GP 51G 80A 131P

Alexander Isidori: 7GP 0G 1A 1P

Daniel Johnson: 30GP 29G 26A 55P

Vadim Karpenko: 80GP 37G 44A 81P

Joseph Lionti: 39GP 39G 61A 100P


Northern Alberta Tomahawks:

Skyler Di Lallo: 46GP 24W 4.78GAA 0.870SP

Chase Fischer: 19GP 7G 32A 39P

Riley Arcand-Auigbelle: 26GP 20G 21A 41P

Curtis Campbell: 67GP 15G 24A 39P

Seth Grandjambe: 69GP 7G 19A 26P

Bryant Joseph: 67GP 93G 79A 172P

Tyrell Shott: 80GP 79G 88A 167P


Northumberland Stars:

Kurt Gibbs: 43GP 4G 16A 20P

Bo Stevenson: 155GP 21G 127A 148P

Ethan Carlson-Jourdain: 5GP 0G 1A 1P

Nathan Ketcheson: 103GP 26G 42A 68P

Thomas Murphy: 31GP 21G 23A 44P

Justice Scheltgen: 32GP 13G 14A 27P

Savva Verbetskii: 91GP 31G 38A 69P


Slave Lake Ice Dogs:

Shawn Davis: 31GP 6W 6.58GAA 0.846SP

Francis Iron: 22GP 9W 9.30GAA 0.810SP

Jesse Tobac: 16GP 1G 2A 3P


St. George Ravens:

Matt Brady: 66GP 3G 4A 7P

Cameron Ison: 92GP 11G 36A 47P

Malcolm Campbell: 76GP 41G 56A 97P

Sandy Porter: 26GP 1G 11A 12P

Benjamin Cunningham: 69GP 14G 29P 43P

Dylan Labelle: 50GP 26G 46A 72P

Adam McConnell: 5GP 0G 0A 0P


Streetsville Flyers:

Tayte Pracek: 48GP 14W 4.86GAA 0.903SP

Justin Calisto: 16GP 7G 5A 12P

Jeremy Rottke: 65GP 5G 33A 38P

Brett Cole: 24GP 5G 10A 15P

Nick Cotter: 37GP 17G 8A 25P

Jayden Parnell: 6GP 0G 1A 1P

Chris Thistel: 23GP 4G 13A 17P


Temiscaming Titans:

Eloi Bouchard: 72GP 47W 3.41GAA 0.911SP

Jericho Mongrain: 78GP 6G 27A 33P

Nico Gregoire: 74GP 13G 51A 64P

Gadel Khismatullin: 11GP 4G 12A 16P

Thomas Laforge: 14GP 5G 6A 11P

Michael Stegmann: 10GP 6G 5A 11P


Tottenham Thunder:

Alexander Fornari: 101GP 26G 40A 66P


Ville-Marie Pirates:

Gabriel Therrien: 47GP 3G 20A 23P

Jordan Briere: 24GP 23G 46A 69P

Benoit Cousineau-Marcoux: 52GP 6G 22A 28P

Dylan Henri: 69GP 40G 66A 106P

Olivier Lamothe: 72GP 52G 80A 132P

Jordan Riviere: 77GP 69G 80A 149P

Jordan Rochon: 42GP 10G 19A 29P


West Nipissing Lynx:

Emils Erglis: 39GP 2G 10A 12P

Brady Lacharity: 52GP 6G 14A 20P

Braden Simon: 125GP 25G 52A 77P

Joshua Boucher: 22GP 7G 14A 21P

Jordan Grella: 10GP 1G 1A 2P

Mathieu Morin: 26GP 8G 8A 16P

Pineshish Whiteduck: 12GP 3G 8A 11P


Windsor Aces:

Connor Johnson: 51GP 20W 5.39GAA 0.867SP

Samuel Senft: 40GP 52G 17A 69P

Ryan Sterling: 32GP 3G 11A 14P

Dan McClary: 17GP 3G 13A 16P

Ryan Patterson: 26GP 11G 8A 19P

Noah Smejkal: 40GP 10G 23A 33P

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