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The Greater Metro Jr. A Hockey League

GMHL news release

 July 25th, 2023 at 9:55AM  July 25th, 2023 2:57PM

Greater Metro Junior A Hockey League (GMHL) and North American Prep Hockey League (NAPHL) Announce Historic Collaboration

Toronto, Ontario - July 25, 2023

The hockey world is abuzz with excitement as the Greater Metro Junior A Hockey League (GMHL) and the North American Prep Hockey League (NAPHL) proudly announce their strategic alliance, set to take effect immediately.

In a groundbreaking move, the GMHL will be hosting an annual Draft, slated for late April 2024, featuring all graduating players from the NAPHL. This milestone event will provide every GMHL team with the exclusive opportunity to select promising players from the NAPHL, who are ready to embark on their Junior Hockey journey. Anticipated to be a 10 round draft, approximately 150 skilled players will participate, elevating the competition and talent within the league.

Bob Russell, President of the GMHL, expressed his enthusiasm about this new venture, stating, "We are continuously seeking innovative ways to attract top-notch players to our Jr A league and to foster the growth of hockey talent. This collaboration with the NAPHL aligns perfectly with our league's vision and the goals of our team owners. By scouting and recruiting the best prospects, we aim to enhance the quality of our league and provide a seamless pathway for young hockey players."

The NAPHL shares the same vision and dedication to player development, focusing on advancing athletes to the next level after their league tenure. Anthony Miele, Commissioner of the NAPHL, remarked, "Our primary goal has always been to nurture and place players on the path to success beyond our league. After fruitful discussions with Bob Russell and his team, it became evident that this partnership was a natural fit. We take immense pride in propelling players towards higher levels of play, and this collaboration with the GMHL opens new doors for these aspiring athletes."

As part of this momentous collaboration, the GMHL will proudly host the highly anticipated NAPHL Top 40 Prospect Game in Niagara Falls during their League Showcase in December at the esteemed Gale Centre. The showcase will feature two teams comprised of the NAPHL's top 40 players, predominantly U18 athletes, who will showcase their skills in front of an audience including GMHL owners, GMs, coaches, and staff. Moreover, this event is expected to attract NCAA schools and other prestigious hockey programs, further elevating the players' exposure and opportunities.

Details on the exact date of the Draft and the All Star Top 40 games will be released soon. Hockey enthusiasts, players, and team representatives alike are eagerly awaiting these thrilling events that promise to shape the future of Junior Hockey.

For more information and media inquiries, please contact:

Ken Girard GMHL Commissioner 

Anthony Miele NAPHL Commissioner

About GMHL: The Greater Metro Junior A Hockey League (GMHL) is a leading junior hockey league based in Ontario, dedicated to providing aspiring athletes with an exceptional platform to hone their skills and progress towards higher levels of play.

About NAPHL: The North American Prep Hockey League (NAPHL) is committed to nurturing young hockey talent and fostering their development, ensuring that they are ready for the next level of competition after their NAPHL journey.

Stay tuned for updates and exciting developments by visiting the GMHL and NAPHL websites.


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