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The Greater Metro Jr. A Hockey League

GMHL Player Power Rankings - January 2022

The Greater Metro Junior 'A' Hockey League has released it's player power rankings for January of 22

 January 21st, 2022 at 9:00AM
Titans Forwards Ilya Badanin and Reingold Shtemke, both ranked on the power rankings, celebrate a goal in GMHL action

The Greater Metro Junior 'A' Hockey League has released it's player power rankings for January of 2022

Players, parents and fans will be able to see the ranking list that will consist of the top 5 GMHL prospect goalies and the top 20 GMHL prospect players from the North & South divisions as well as top 3 prospect goalies and top 10 prospect players from the GMHL Western Division.

North Division
1 Eloi Bouchard, Temiscaming Titans
2 Andrei Berezinsky, Bradford Rattlers
3 Zach Levac, New Tecumseth Civics
4 Travis Smith, Bradford Bulls
5 Daniyar Sultanov, Meaford Knights
1 F Ilya Badanin, Temiscaming Titans
2 F Rizvan Mansurov, Bradford Rattlers
3 D Mikhail Kornilov, New Tecumseth Civics
4 F David Fontaine, Temiscaming Titans
5 F Charles Bergeron, Bancroft Rockhounds
6 F Charles-Andre Cyphiot, Temiscaming Titans
7 F Jordan Riviere, Ville-Marie Pirates
8 F Dylan Henri, South Muskoka Shield
9 F Austin Holmes, West Nipissing Lynx
10 F Nicolai Harries Anderson, Bradford Bulls
11 F Martin Nagy, Bradford Rattlers
12 F Jordon Degouw, Meaford Knights
13 D Rasmus Asp, South Muskoka Shield
14 D Oleg Grishatov, Bradford Rattlers
15 F Shawn Solimon, Bradford Bulls
16 F Reingold Shtemke, Temiscaming Titans
17 D Declan Flanagan, Meaford Knights 
18 F Karl Klamberg, Almaguin Spartans
19 F Justin Rivest, Ville-Marie Pirates
20 F Sincere Toto, New Tecumseth Civics

South Division
1 Nicholas Lewicky, North York Renegades
2 Zack Smirniw, Durham Roadrunners
3 Marek Pavlas, St. George Ravens
4 Rahul Bola, Plattsville Lakers
5 Garin Janiuk, North York Renegades
1 F Kory Silverio, Windsor Aces
2 F Santino Foti, North York Renegades
3 F Michael Marchesan, St. George Ravens
4 F Brodie Thoms, St. George Ravens
5 F Dante Massi, Niagara Predators
6 D Christian Bascio, North York Renegades
7 F Evan Ferguson, Windsor Aces
8 F Kevin Serio, Durham Roadrunners
9 F Nicholas Messier, St. George Ravens
10 F Jesper Eriksson, Niagara Predators
11 F Malcolm Campbell, Plattsville Lakers
12 F Thomas Murphy, Northumberland Stars
13 F Alexander Andrews, Tottenham Thunder
14 D Pontus Madsen, Niagara Predators
15 F Patrick Polaczek, Streetsville Flyers
16 D Bo Stevenson, Northumberland Stars
17 F Christian D’Amico, North York Renegades
18 F Gianfranco Commisso, Plattsville Lakers
19 F Mikael Simon-Serroul, Durham Roadrunners
20 F Eric Kofman, Northumberland Stars

West Division
1 Keygon Okemow, High Prairie Red Wings
2 Skyler Di Lallo, Northern Alberta Tomahawks
3 Cole Webber, Fox Creek Ice Kings
1 F Loic Dury, Slave Lake Ice Dogs
2 F Keaton Auger, High Prairie Red Wings
3 D Austin Gaspar, Slave Lake Ice Dogs
4 F Zac Mott, Fox Creek Ice Kings
5 F Ilias Okemow, Edson Eagles
6 F Jordao Pulongbarit, Northern Alberta Tomahawks
7 D Gabriel Blais, High Prairie Red Wings
8 F Theo Cunningham, High Prairie Red Wings
9 F Filip Sous, Mackenzie Mountaineers
10 F Jackson Furlotte, Gibbons Pioneers




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