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The Greater Metro Jr. A Hockey League

GMHL Player Power Rankings - November 2022

 November 9th, 2022 at 4:14AM  November 9th, 2022 10:36AM


The Greater Metro Junior 'A' Hockey League has released it's second player power rankings of the season for November of 2022-2023

Players, parents and fans will be able to see the ranking list that will consist of the top 5 GMHL prospect goalies and the top 20 GMHL prospect players from the North, South and West divisions

For November we have a new #1 ranked player in 2 of the three divisions, a top 5 player from last month’s South rankings moving to the North as well as many new faces with the Knights of Meaford being eligible for rankings and 4 teams in the West division getting started and becoming eligible themselves.

The Rankings are as follows:


Player Power Rankings.


North Division


1 Cory Richardson, West Nipissing Lynx (Previously #5)

2 Yaroslav Chebanu, Muskoka Shield (Previously #2)

3 Maxim Audet, Ville-Marie Pirates (Previously Unranked)

4 Eloi Bouchard, Temiscaming Titans (Previously #3)

5 Oliver Balazs, Bradford Rattlers (Previously Unranked)


1 F Jordan Riviere, Ville-Marie Pirates (Previously #1)

2 F Jesper Eriksson, Bradford Rattlers (Previously #4)

3 F Jacob Tessier-Gagnon, Temiscaming Titans (Previously #3)

4 F Hunter Godmere, Bradford Rattlers (Previously #2)

5 F Olivier Lamothe, Ville-Marie Pirates (Previously #5)

6 D Declan Flanagan, Knights of Meaford (Previously Unranked)

7 F Kylan Tavares, Bancroft Rockhounds (Previously #7)

8 F Braedon Mitchell, Muskoka Shield (Previously #17)

9 F Joshua Boucher, West Nipissing Lynx (Previously #10)

10 F Stephane Phillion, West Nipissing Lynx (Previously #19)

11 F Philippe Falardeau, Temiscaming Titans (Previously #4 in South Division)

12 F Stepan Levitsky, Bradford Rattlers (Previously Unranked)

13 F Nathan Hardy, Temiscaming Titans (Previously #8)

14 D Pavel Rozhkov, Bradford Rattlers Previously #14)

15 D Emile Lavallee, Temiscaming Titans (Previously #11)

16 F Jordan Briere, Ville-Marie Pirates (Previously #16)

17 D Etienne Borque, Ville-Marie Pirates (Previously Unranked)

18 D Triston Sorenson, Muskoka Shield (Previously #6)

19 F Adam Polach, Knights of Meaford (Previously Unranked)

20 F Jacob Rhodin, Bradford Rattlers (Previously #20)


South Division


1 Dominic Marquis, Bradford Bulls (Previously #1)

2 Nicholas Lewicky, North York Renegades (Previously #2)

3. Zach Smirniw, Durham Roadrunners (Previously #3)

4 Ryan Santini, Niagara Predators (Previously #4)

5 Arlen Beatty, Tottenham Thunder (Previously #5)


1 F Ryan Fritz, North York Renegades (Previously #6)

2 F Ryan Hunter, Bradford Bulls (Previously #1)

3 D Jedidja Somersall, North York Renegades (Previously #18)

4 F Hayden Webster, Durham Roadrunners (Previously #8)

5 F Joseph Lionti, North York Renegades (Previously #11)

6 F Samuel Senft, Windsor Aces (Previously #5)

7 F Dennis Golovatchev, Tottenham Thunder (Previously Unranked)

8 F Mikael Simon-Serroul, Durham Roadrunners (Previously #2)

9 F Thomas Murphy, Northumberland Stars (Previously #13)

10 D Esa Patton, Bradford Bulls (Previously #14)

11 F Brad Arnott, Bradford Bulls (Previously #11)

12 F Malcolm Campbell, St. George Ravens (Previously Unranked)

13 F Carsyn Desroche, Tottenham Thunder (Previously #19)

14 D Josh Booker, Bradford Bulls (Previously #3)

15 F Kyle Smith, Durham Roadrunners (Previously Unranked)

16 D Bo Stevenson, Northumberland Stars (Previously #16)

17 F Trevor Urqhart, Durham Roadrunners (Previously Unranked)

18 F Jaden Smith, Durham Roadrunners (Previously #15)

19 F Reese Bisci, Niagara Predators (Previously #9)

20 F Evan Camara, Streetsville Flyers (Previously #20)


West Division


1 Bradley Roncin, High Prairie Red Wings (Previously #1)

2 Cole Webber, Mackenzie Mountaineers (Previously Unranked)

3 Skyler Di Lallo, Northern Alberta Tomahawks (Previously #2)

4 Philip Lidh, Slave Lake Ice Dogs (Previously Unranked)

5 Justin Shaffer, Edson Eagles (Previously #3)


1 F Keegan Ferguson, High Prairie Red Wings (Previously #11)

2 F Andras Kehl, Mackenzie Mountaineers (Previously Unranked)

3 F Tyrell Shott, Northern Alberta Tomahawks (Previously #8)

4 F Ethan Many Fingers, High Prairie Red Wings (Previously #2)

5 D Deondre McCarthy, Northern Alberta Tomahawks (Previously #5)

6 F Kaden Cardinal, Slave Lake Ice Dogs (Previously Unranked)

7 F Alex Kronewitt, Edson Eagles (Previously #7)

8 F Dayton Shantz, High Prairie Red Wings (Previously #4)

9 D Dominic McKay, Slave Lake Ice Dogs (Previously Unranked)

10 F Louis Allen, Mackenzie Mountaineers (Previously Unranked)

11 F Kyler Steinhauer-Morin, Northern Alberta Tomahawks (Previously Unranked)

12 F Jaxon Krupa, Kitimat Saax (Previously Unranked)

13 F Michael Beaverbones, Northern Alberta Tomahawks (Previously #3)

14 D Kaden Desjarlais, High Prairie Red Wings (Previously #12)

15 F Tyson Mitchell, Edson Eagles (Previously Unranked)

16 F Nolan Janvier, Slave Lake Ice Dogs (Previously Unranked)

17 F Kael Lamouche, Kitimat Saax (Previously Unranked)

18 D Kavaye Cardinal, Tumbler Ridge Steel Kings (Previously Unranked)

19 F Colin Starblanket, Burns Lake Timbermen (Previously Unranked)

20 F Ethan Zago, Gibbons Pioneers (Previously Unranked)


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