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The Greater Metro Jr. A Hockey League

GMHL Player Power Rankings - October 2022

 October 7th, 2022 at 3:31PM  October 7th, 2022 8:36PM

The Greater Metro Junior 'A' Hockey League has released it's first player power rankings of the season for October 2022

Players, parents and fans will be able to see the ranking list that will consist of the top 5 GMHL prospect goalies and the top 20 GMHL prospect players from the North, South and West divisions  Only teams who have played so far were included in the rankings.


Player Power Rankings.

North Division


1 Joel Rainville, West Nipissing Lynx

2 Yaroslav Chebanu, Muskoka Shield

3 Eloi Bouchard, Temiscaming Titans

4 Zane Clause, Bradford Rattlers

5 Cory Richardson, West Nipissing Lynx


1 F Jordan Riviere, Ville-Marie Pirates

2 F Hunter Godmere, Bradford Rattlers

3 F Jacob Tessier-Gagnon, Temiscaming Titans

4 F Jesper Eriksson, Bradford Rattlers

5 F Olivier Lamothe, Ville-Marie Pirates

6 D Triston Sorenson, Muskoka Shield

7 F Kylan Tavares, Bancroft Rockhounds

8 F Nathan Hardy, Temiscaming Titans

9 F Van Doughty, Muskoka Shield

10 F Joshua Boucher, West Nipissing Lynx

11 D Emile Lavallee, Temiscaming Titans

12 F Swen Meusy, Bradford Rattlers

13 F Nico Gregoire, Temiscaming Titans

14 D Pavel Rozhkov, Bradford Rattlers

15 D Antonio Balestra, Temiscaming Titans

16 F Jordan Briere, Ville-Marie Pirates

17 F Braedon Mitchell, Muskoka Shield

18 F Savva Verbetskii, Temiscaming Titans

19 F Stephane Phillion, West Nipissing Lynx

20 F Jacob Rhodin, Bradford Rattlers


South Division


1 Dominic Marquis, Bradford Bulls

2 Nicholas Lewicky, North York Renegades

3. Zach Smirniw, Durham Roadrunners

4 Ryan Santini, Niagara Predators

5 Arlen Beatty, Tottenham Thunder


1 F Ryan Hunter, Bradford Bulls

2 F Mikael Simon-Serroul, Durham Roadrunners

3 D Josh Booker, Bradford Bulls

4 F Philippe Falardeau, Tottenham Thunder

5 F Samuel Senft, Windsor Aces

6 F Ryan Fritz, North York Renegades

7 F Emile Beaulieu, Tottenham Thunder

8 F Hayden Webster, Durham Roadrunners

9 F Reese Bisci, Niagara Predators

10 F Joseph Lionti, North York Renegades

11 F Brad Arnott, Bradford Bulls

12 F Owen Toddington, St. George Ravens

13 F Thomas Murphy, Northumberland Stars

14 D Esa Patton, Bradford Bulls

15 F Jaden Smith, Durham Roadrunners

16 D Bo Stevenson, Northumberland Stars

17 F Kyle Smith, Durham Roadrunners

18 D Jedidja Somersall, North York Renegades

19 F Carsyn Desroche, Tottenham Thunder

20 F Evan Camara, Streetsville Flyers


West Division


1 Bradley Roncin, High Prairie Red Wings

2 Skyler Di Lallo, Northern Alberta Tomahawks

3 Justin Shaffer, Edson Eagles

4 Shawn Davis, Slave Lake Ice Dogs

5 Meric Larson, Gibbons Pioneers


1 F Jesse Swanson, Edson Eagles

2 F Ethan Many Fingers, High Prairie Red Wings

3 F Michael Beaverbones, Northern Alberta Tomahawks

4 F Dayton Shantz, High Prairie Red Wings

5 D Deondre McCarthy, Northern Alberta Tomahawks

6 D Griffin Thiessen, Slave Lake Ice Dogs

7 F Alex Kronewitt, Edson Eagles

8 F Tyrell Shott, Northern Alberta Tomahawks

9 D Douglas Maughan, Slave Lake Ice Dogs

10 F Reilly Fraynn, Edson Eagles

11 F Keegan Ferguson, High Prairie Red Wings

12 D Kaden Desjarlais, High Prairie Red Wings

13 F Justin Greyeyes, Slave Lake Ice Dogs

14 D Darian Alook, Fox Creek Ice Kings

15 F Tay Daychief, Gibbons Pioneers

16 F Shayle Duicharme, Slave Lake Ice Dogs

17 F Dominic Beaver, Fox Creek Ice Kings

18 F Dallas Medicine Shield, High Prairie Red Wings

19 D Tyson Mitchel, Edson Eagles

20 D Kyler Hamelin, Fox Creek Ice Kings

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