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The Greater Metro Jr. A Hockey League

GMHL Top Prospects and All Star Game Rosters

Bancroft set to host two best on best matches

 December 22nd, 2022 at 8:23AM  January 5th, 2023 3:19PM

The Greater Metro Junior Hockey League is excited to have the All-Star and Top Prospect Games hosted in the city of Bancroft Ontario. The league is very excited to announce the players that will be on the rosters of the four teams playing on Tuesday January 17th.


Below are the rosters for the Top Prospects teams that will be playing at 5:00PM. On the left, there is Team White led by Marc Andre Caron and Ryder Prue. Team White is composed of players in the North Division and the West Division. While on Team Dark, led by Derrick Smith and Curtis Warren, is composed of South Division and West Division players.

Team White

Team Dark


Marc Andre Caron (VM) & Ryder Prue (Edson)


Derrick Smith (DR) & Curtis Warren (HC)


Nolan Noskey (High Prairie Red Wings)

Roman Goodrunning (Northern Alberta Tomahawks)

Harrison Potts (Fox Creek Ice Kings)

Xavier Dumont-Renaud (Bancroft Rockhounds)

William-Daniel Burns (Bradford Rattlers)

Stepan Levitskiy (Bradford Rattlers)

Felix Tougas (Bancroft Rockhounds)

Mathieu Savignac (West Nipissing Lynx)

Philippe Falardeau (Temiscaming Titans)

Dylan Riviere (Ville-Marie Pirates)

Mathis Chartier (Ville-Marie Pirates)

Riley Lavallee (Meaford Knights)


Louis Allen (Edson Eagles)

Kaden Cardinal (High Prairie Red Wings)

Sasha Munro (Slave Lake Ice Dogs)

Aiden O’Rourke (Mackenzie Mountaineers)

Aiden Waite (St. George Ravens)

Jacob Stevens (Durham Roadrunners)

Nolan Wyers (Niagara Predators)

Rowan Ison (St. George Ravens)

Evan Camara (Streetsville Flyers)

Michael Christopoulos (North York Renegades)

Timothy Trang (North York Renegades)

Loenzzo Sullivan (Northumberland Stars)


Duncan Gaunt (Gibbons Pioneers)

Clyde Goodrunning (Northern Alberta Tomahawks)

Nous Kudzevicius (West Nipissing Lynx)

Triston Guimond (Ville-Marie Pirates)

Ivan Kozlenko (Temiscaming Titans)

Cody Gibbons (Meaford Knights)


James Joseph (Burns Lake Timbermen)

Kyler Roy (Slave Lake Ice Dogs)

Gavin Kolbuc (Mackenzie Mountaineers)

Jacob Graham (Bradford Bulls)

Tyler Laita (Durham Roadrunners)

Niko Andreopoulos (North York Renegades)


Oliver Balazs (Bradford Rattlers)

Rayden Nishikawa (Burns Lake Timbermen)


Zach Smirniw (Durham Roadrunners)

Matthew Czyzewski (St. George Ravens)

Below are the rosters for the All-Star teams that will be playing at 8:00PM. On the left, there is Team White led by David Mooney and Trent Meyaard. Team White is composed of players in the North Division and the West Division. While on Team Dark, lead by Darryl Lloyd and Tayler McCallum, is composed of South Division and West Division players.

Team White

Team Dark


David Mooney (BRA) & Trent Meyaard (HP)


Darryl Lloyd (NYR) & Tayler McCallum (NAT)


Jaxon Krupa (Kitimat Saax)

Ethan Manybears (High Prairie Red Wings)

Michael Beaverbones (Northern Alberta Tomahawks)

Kyler Hamelin (Fox Creek Ice Kings)

Jesper Eriksson (Bradford Rattlers)

Tomas Coupek (Meaford Knights)

Swen Meusy (Bradford Rattlers)

Jordan Riviere (Ville-Marie Pirates)

Charles Beaupre (Bancroft Rockhounds)

Jordan Briere (Ville-Marie Pirates)

Dennis Golovatchev (South Muskoka Shield)

Jacob Rhodin (Bradford Rattlers)


Keegan Ferguson (High Prairie Red Wings)

Bryant Joseph (Northern Alberta Tomahawks)

Tyrell Shott (Northern Alberta Tomahawks)

Alex Kronewitt (Edson Eagles)

Ryan Hunter (Bradford Bulls)

Joseph Lionti (North York Renegades)

Malcolm Campbell (St. George Ravens)

Samuel Senft (Windsor Aces)

Kyle Smith (Durham Roadrunners)

Mikael Simon Serroul (Durham Roadrunners)

Ryan Fritz (North York Renegades)

Trevor Urquhart (Durham Roadrunners)


Cody Waller (Mackenzie Mountaineers)

Griffen Norton Tibbs (Edson Eagles)

Etienne Bourque (Ville-Marie Pirates)

Pavel Rozhkov (Bradford Rattlers)

Declan Flanagan (Meaford Knights)

Emile Lavallee (Temiscaming Titans)


Kaden Desjarlais (High Prairie Red Wings)

Tyson Mitchell (Edson Eagles)

Mathew Prock (Tottenham Thunder)

Krill Konach (Tottenham Thunder)

Jedidja Somersall (North York Renegades)

Esa Patton (Bradford Bulls)


Igor Kulakov (Bancroft Rockhounds)

Eloi Bouchard (Temiscmaing Titans)


Brad Roncin (Hight Prairie Red Wings)

Dominic Marquis (Bradford Bulls)


All players must bring their own team jerseys to the event Team White must bring White Jerseys and Team Dark must bring Dark Jerseys.

The Rockhounds have an exciting evening planned for players and fans alike. There will be a banquet style dinner provided to players and coaches. Followed by the first game that will feature the best 16–18-year-olds of the league. There will then be a skills competition before finishing the day with the game featuring the leagues’ best 19–21-year-olds.

Make sure to catch this event at the North Hastings Community Centre in Bancroft.

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