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The Greater Metro Jr. A Hockey League

South Division Playoff Preview

North York comes in as the top seed in the south

 February 20th, 2023 at 9:40AM  February 20th, 2023 3:44PM

The Renegades built off last year by improving their record this season. Led by the leagues leading point getter Ryan Fritz, the Renegades will look to be the team that comes out of the South Division. Ryan produced 51 goals and 80 assists for 131 points and will be looking to continue his season success in the playoffs.

The Bulls had a dominant season for their first year in the South Division. Led by their team captain Ryan Hunter, they are another team that will be looking to make it out of the South Division and into the finals. Ryan has helped the Bulls as their leading scorer with 51 goals and 65 assists for 116 points and will be trying to make a push to help his team win.

After losing in the finals last season, the Roadrunners are looking to make their way back to the finals this season. All season they have been able to count on Kyle Smith, Hayden Webster and Trevor Urquhart for their offensive production. They will continue to count on that production going into the playoffs and will hope to come out on top of the very competitive South Division.

The Predators will be looking to take advantage of their home ice in the first round of the playoffs. They will be relying on the strong showing of Cameron Savoie who, in just 25 games, produced 18 goals and 25 assists for 43 points.

The Ravens didn’t improve on their last 24 win season and were not able to secure home ice advantage. However, come puck drop versus the Predators, the Ravens can count on Malcolm Campbell. He produced 26 goals and 29 assists for 55 points and will look to lead his team in the playoffs.

Although the Stars finished closer to the bottom of the standings, they improved their record season over the last. They will be able to rely on Pavel Smirnov, Bo Stevenson, and Thomas Murphy to try and create a surprise in the playoffs.

The Thunder is another team that improved their season record from the last. Alexis Hebert was at the forefront of their success with 16 goals and 15 assists for 31 points. The Thunder will be looking to continue their season improvement into the playoffs.

The Flyers have had a difficult season and will be looking to rectify that in playoffs while counting on Jeremey Rottke and his team leading 3 goals 24 assists for 27 points.

After a disappointing season that saw them go from 12 wins last season to 4 this season. The Aces will look to forget the season and try to create a surprise in the South Division playoffs. They will be counting on Samuel Senft and Tyler Arthurs who respectively produced goals and assists for points.

The Flyers and the Aces will be battling it out to determine who will be facing the Renegades in the first round. 

Other first round matchups are:

Roadrunners v Thunder

Bulls v Ravens

Predators v Stars

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